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Patwick Ebinstieners (haha Lauren) Website!
Children Are Not Allowed In This Website.
Warning: This Website Is Rated R For The Following. Teen Humor, (Whatever That Means) Stong Language, And Mature Content That May Not Be Suitable For Children. Actually It Doesn't Use That Much Profanity Other Than In Quotas, And Songs Really. But Still....... CHILDREN KEEP OUT!
just to let you know, I LIKE TO PAAAAAAARTAAYY!!!(Warning, this whole website is like one party, so if u suffer from easy seizures or asthma, this website is not for you.)

Hi i'm Pj and this is MY website where i can express my TRUE self. And this site is pretty big, (it may not seem like it right now but trust me, it is) so only glance through it unless u have a lot of time to read through it all.

I am PJ and i'm a big hippie i like rock and roll umm yah that about it.

Be Sure to check out the South Park page and please give me feedback on my website whether it's a question, suggestion, or just a compliment. Plz tell me and i'll be sure to add it in there. But pretty much everything in this website is pretty much new.

What Do I Put Here?

There's Too Much Stuff To Type On This Page.

Blues Guitar


Jordan Tower Helped Me Build This Site.