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People That Mean Something To Me
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People That Mean Something To Me
Death From Above 1979

This is the page where i dedicate myself to other people.

SWEET! see my backround? its one of the best bands in the world Franz Ferdinand, THEYRE AWESOME!

Here are my freinds that.. well overrall they rock. and im not having all my boys in one section, then girls in the other cause i find that sexist lol. and plus it too boring i guess/think.
Best FrIeNdZeS :Bennett, JENNY! LAUREN! Liz,,, Anthony, Jacob G, Derek, Alan, Adam and Ben McCrummen, Chris Zara, Landon, Jon
Frineds (Between Friends and Best Friends) : Hannah (i think), Angela, Alex Harristahl (out of town frined),   Moustafa, Ben E, Tj W, Warren, John,
Friends : Everybody I Know is my friend cause im so friendly : ) + Skyler.. And Andy D,


InSidE JoKe ThInGyS
Bennett - The tounge thing of yoshi, lol FATTYBOOMBALICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!
Jacob G - PORTABLE ASS WARMER! Ms.Langehowe LOL! and our messed up lil fifie who sits by us thinking "Mockingbird" (Eminem Song) is one of the three best Green Day songs, that kid is like.... messed up. We have so many.
Anthony - "MAN!!!!! DUDE!!!!!!!!! GOD STOP SAYING THOSE!!!!!" "sorry man." "AHHH!!!!" the try and get the note game!
Moustafa - i dont have a nickname for you... hmmmmmmm what could it be. I KNOW!!!! "what?" GOOSTAFA! "no thats what tibbetts calls me" GOD DANGIT!
Alex Harristahl -  its the "in" way to jump now! Good Times At The Mall Man....
Jon and Landon- Damn We Got Tons, THE FUZZ!!!!!!!!!



Ill put more bout u guys later cuz im in a rush

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